Best Web Hosting Companies


Whenever you are going to start a new business website the very first thing that comes into your mind is which web hosting company is best? Along with it you will also worry about comparing their prices and packages and end up without any decision.

If that’s the case then you don’t have to worry about anything as we will answer all of your questions in detail and will clear all of your confusions.

The first thing that you must have to keep in mind that there are different types of hosting packages such as shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and cloud web hosting.


Some of them will provide you a complete website while others give you an unmanaged server to do your own setup. This is all depending on your requirements and expertise.

This guide will allow you to make the proper decision and right after reading the article you will be able to choose an ideal hosting for your needs.

Let’s start without further ado.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers

#1. BlueHost – Strong Security Support


Bluehost was started in 1996 and it is one of the oldest web hosting company. In a couple of years has earned its name in the world and become the largest brand. Now they probably host more than 3,000,000 websites.

They offer amazing hosting at an ideal price. This top-rated company has an amazing speed of 405 ms and its uptime is 99.99% that’s very impressive!

This is the one that is officially recommended by WordPress. Not only this, when you buy any hosting package from Bluehost, they will provide a free domain name for one year with a free SSL certificate. It is the certificate that enables you to use a safe website for both personal and business work.

Here’s the best part about this company: if you have a problem, you can contact the service. There is an option of phone or live chat right on their site. Reach them at any time within two clicks.




A more worthy inconvenience to mention with this company is that they offer an exclusive 63% off discount. In this way, they give you the path to start your business and let you turn your dreams into reality!

With this web hosting service, the speed of the website will never go slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Fast loading site will not only help you to improve user experience but will help you to boost your rankings in search engines as website speed is an important ranking factor. Moreover, the free SEO tools show you how your website is ranking on particular keywords and how you can improve it.

What’s more?

They have lots of plans for you. In the case, if your website is going down due to high bandwidth usage and you want to upgrade it for more resources then you can easily do it within just a few clicks.

Overall, this web hosting service has everything that is needed for a website to start the business. It will fulfill all your requirements.

#2. TMD Hosting – Exceptional Speed

TMD Hosting is one of the best awards winning companies. It has claimed to host over 300,000 websites. Want to know about its plans quickly? It offers a variety of programs for resellers and affiliates. People have good feedback on their cooperation. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. Highlighted feature: its uptime guarantee is also awesome that is 99.999%. I am really impressed. Like Bluehost, this web hosting provider also gives you a free domain name. Besides this, you can even get unlimited SSD space and bandwidth with the most basic plans. Trust me; you will get a good reward for your money. Are you thinking that there is no backup system?

No way, it also restores your website data daily and weekly copies of your files. Eliminate your all fears of losing data because TMD hosting has a strong security system. TMD Hosting has a smooth design and account creating process. Plus, once you’ve got your login, it’s easy to get started with its one-click installers and the drag-and-drop site builder, even though its interface is a touch clunky. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the company, then don’t worry because there is 60 days money return policy. The method to cancel and get money back is simple even though it could take a bit longer to depart than it took to get started. Which plan should I get first? Well, it depends on your needs but if you are going for the first time then you should start with a basic plan that is currently price from $3 to $8. Later on, if needed you can also upgrade the plan.

#3. Hostgator – Customer Friendly

Hostgator was developed in 2002. It has currently hosted 2 million websites ad has a great response. It is very popular in the web hosting world and considered the best service for businesses. They have also hosted over 8 million domains.

It offers all the main features. Maybe you will be amazed that there’s support for SSL certificates, automatic backups, and much more.

The most impressive thing about it is that its uptime is 99.98%. Even sometimes it goes to 100%. I am confident that this is what you always wanted.

Hold on!

It doesn’t offer any kind of e-mail guide — just phone and live chat. So be organized to get on the cell phone every time you have a query.

Besides this, they have friendly customer service. Talking about my experience that was also pleasant.  First, I asked about basic plans, the expert agent was very polite and helpful. He answered my all questions in just a few minutes.

The plans normally start from $2.75/month. WordPress hosting plan starts from $5.95 per month while cloud hosting from $4.95 per month. An upgrade option is also available.


There are only few steps for the signup and your Cpanel will be ready for you. That’s one of the most interesting thing that I like about Hostgator web hosting.

Amazing, isn’t it?

If we talk about their shared hosting plans then Hostgator comes with three shared hosting plans which are Hatchling, Baby, and Business. The hatchling plan enables you to host just one website while the baby plan is for unlimited webs. On the other hand, business is good for business websites.

Indeed, it is a great service in terms of pricing commitments.

#4. Interserver – Very Fast And Secure Host

Interserver company has been giving web hosting services for the last 21 years. But still, their support to costumers and the quality of services remain the same.  They never disappoint their costumers and solve their problems like a family.

The first thing that struck me about it is that it boasts a high level of speed that you can’t imagine. Not only this, all their plans even VPS and dedicated server hosting come with a free SSL certificate.

Some companies offer this on their higher-end plans.

You know what; it also offers both Windows and Linux plans with a very easy to use cPanel dashboard. So everything is in your control even in selected resources.

Is bandwidth actually unlimited?

Yes, it is! This web hosting service is not like those providers who use the word unlimited but in reality, they’ll suggest a sneaky upgrade. But according to Interserver, once a promise is always a promise.


I also created a website in just a few minutes.  I purchased a domain name for it. At first, I thought it was included with a shared hosting plan but it was not, so i have to buy one separately. The site pad helped me to choose the themes that were about 300. Then I added texts and pages, the same as you expect from an expert site builder.

Furthermore, its storage is also endless. You can use tons of space without worrying about its capacity. So be ready to enjoy unlimited storage!

They have also introduced Hardware virtualization(a virtual machine that works as a computer)  and named Virtuozzo 7. It increased 60% performance for VPS plans on Linux servers.

If you are searching for a web hosting service that will not compromise on quality then you should consider the Interserver.

#5. DreamHost – Reliable and Innovative

DreamHost was founded in 1997 when the internet was not even available in the world. It hosts over 1.5 million websites and has hundreds of employees that’s pretty impressive!

Why many people depend on the Dream Host?

The majority of sites give a 30 day refund period and few hosts will provide you 45 days. But this site comes with   97 days of the money-back guarantee. It means that you have three months to decide.


It has a strong security system in which all important tools are available. They offer free SSL certificates to all website hosting customers. In addition to this, they also prevent you from malware.

However, the customer service group is very skillful and nicely-behaved. They reply very rapidly and try to solve the problem as accurately as possible.

The silver borderline about it is that they will compensate all of the downtimes your internet site has experienced with free provider days. . For each hour of the downtime, they’ll offer you an entire day of services free of charge.

I truly admire that Dream Host’s pricing and plan shape are both obvious and easy. They have 2 shared plans which include a maximum of the basics you’ll require.

Web Server Performance Comparison


What is the limitation of this company?

There is no option to call the support team even though they are very polite. You can’t contact them until they give a callback to assist.

I would say, it comes with quality products and affordable prices but keeps in mind there is no email with a basic shared hosting plan. You have to pay extra for it.

#6. A2Hosting – WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting was started in 2001 from a two-room office and now it is one of the popular and independent companies.

It offers all types of hosting such as Shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting, along with WordPress, managed services, and email hosting.

Along, its server speed is very fast. I have also tested their working ability range. Their servers are up to 20X faster.  High speed between 328ms to 395ms is observed. What a remarkable speed!

No matter what plan you will choose but I assure you that you will get high performance, dedicated, and trustworthy hosting.

Interestingly, there are three Linux Window plans called Lite, Swift, and Turbo plan. Lite is for one website with a free SSL certificate. Swift allows you to host unlimited sites while Turbo is a higher-level plan that has more features and increases the performance of your websites.


In case you ever have any questions, feedback, or issues, you can get in contact with the A2 hosting team through Skype, phone, or live chat. You can also send them a ticket through emails if required.

Thankfully, A2 ensures a 99.9% uptime range however in fact, it does even higher.

A2 web hosting will personally move your current website over to their servers at no more price on all plans. All you have to do is reach out to their customer service branch along with your cPanel account credentials, and the rest will be looked after.

In the end, I would say if you are looking for a web hosting company that comes with the best class of speed and friendly customer support with free SSL certificate and migration. Then A2 hosting is the best option for you.

#7. GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting

GreenGeeks was developed in 2008 ad till now it has hosted over 300,000 websites. It is rather a good record because it is not as old as other hosting services.

Is it really worthy?

Obviously yes, it will not disappoint you in any way.

I have also tested its speed and uptime range. The company claims a 99.98% uptime range and according to my experience, it is true. During one year of tracking, it performed very well.

On the other hand, the speed was about 445ms which is considered as one of the best speed limits of hosting services.

Are you satisfied with customer support?

Their staff is available 24/7. I am very happy with their behavior and support that is quite satisfactory and polite.

My favorite part is that it comes with free domain name registration. It will be free for as long as you use their services. Besides this, if you are not satisfied with your current hosting provider then they will help you to transfer your site to their servers for free.



Account set up is also very easy. First, you have to choose the plan and register domain name free then enter your contact information. The last step is to choose the payment method; card or PayPal. Wait for your account activation!

GreenGeeks gives 30-day cash back guarantee, no questions asked. Because of this, in the first 30 days after signing up, you can cancel your account for any purpose and get a complete refund of your web hosting costs.

Indeed, it is one of the best environmentally-conscious hostings that invests in renewable energy. I have not seen this anywhere else.

#8. Inmotion – Business Class Hosting

Inmotion web hosting company comes with amazing performance, security, and reliability. It gives a variety of plans to build your site.

You know really well how difficult is to find excellent customer support. People usually get confused during choosing a plan for their site.

Are you one of them?

Don’t worry because Inmotion offers a free trial period of 90 days for shared hosting. It is quite enough time for decisions and tests the hosting site precisely and lets your all doubts clear.

Furthermore, their plans are really simple and almost well known to you. It also enables you to upgrade the plan. In this way, you will get more fast speed, uptime, and unlimited websites.  I would suggest this to you for small businesses that haven’t a lot of traffic.

Like some other web hosting companies, automatic back-ups, and free site migrations are also available for this service. Not only this, it lets you store data from 75 GB to 260 GB.

Luckily, there is a full communication system for customers to keep in touch with company staff via phone, chat, email, tutorials, and Q&A. All the time they are active to resolve your issues.

Talking about its security, that is really admirable especially in shared and VPS plans. It protects your website from hacking.

They also offer three plans for Shared Hosting that are Launch, Power, and Pro. Launch starts from $5.99/mo while Power from $8.99/mo. The last Pro begins from $14.99/mo.


Their system is really easy to use, especially if you are used to using a cPanel-based internet website hosting. Being 100% sincere, their backend may want to look a bit more modern.

Overall, Inmotion gives lots of plans is there more chances to get the exact amount of support or flexibility that you want.

#9. Hostwinds – Affordable

Hostwinds is quite new in the world of hosting that was established in 2010. It not only provides the hosting but also gives a free domain, and unlimited emails.

Along with it, Every website hosting plan comes with the Hostwinds Cloud manage Panel, in which customers can add a custom server picture, display and modify their firewall, calibrate their included load balancer, and take actual-time backups.

VPS hosting has both managed and unmanaged Linux or Windows. This is a customer choice that he wants.

Cloud backups and monitoring also available but you have to pay separately for this. The price for one-year monitoring is $24. Otherwise, Cloud backups cost $36 annually.

The nice thing about it is that it offers free site migration and an SSL Certificate with Unlimited Disk Space.

Really! Isn’t it enough with such inexpensive plans?

The company has 99.9999% uptime. That is great. Only for 30 seconds in a year, customers face downtime. Amazing!

Hostwinds recommend three shared hosting plans that are given below.



First is the Basic plan that costs $3.29 per month. In this plan, there is unlimited storage and bandwidth with only one domain.

Second is the Advanced Plan, it costs $4.23 per month. Additionally, it has up to four domains. The last one is the Ultimate Plan that has surprising features. It works flawlessly. It has everything that was in previous plans.

You will not find such an affordable and impressive service anywhere else. Believe me, when you will compare its features with its price. You will absolutely admire it!

#10. Namecheap – Free Migrations & Backups

Namecheap was developed in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. It has hosted about 11 million domains million clients and also manages more than 3 million domains.

Namecheap offers website online migration at no cost. If you have a present cPanel internet site elsewhere and decide to move over to Namecheap, the steps are easy, honest and require little or no involvement to your behalf.

It means you shouldn’t worry about transferring the website.

It does offer a rock-strong 30-day cash-returned guarantee. You’ve got a complete month to see if their service is good for you. In any other case, it’s not too late to return out and try something else.

There is also much more to tell you and you will love it.

I really appreciate that all plans consist of free backups. Only the biggest enjoys everyday backups however even twice a week is decent, given that it is free of any extra fees.



The company would not waste your time through trying to sell you an extended listing of other products, or upload some of these to your cart and hope you don’t note. You get more manage over how your plan is set up, too.

In case you do not want your subscription to resume automatically, or for the provider to even store your (card or PayPal) fee info, no trouble – it is your preference.

If your needs are simple, or you’re just looking for a low-cost way to learn the hosting basics, then Namecheap is great for you.

Buyers Guide - How To Find The Best Host For You

Before going into detail on how to find your best choice. I have given some basic rules for you on selecting your web host:

  1. You are looking for a web host that comes with amazing speed, uptime, and support then I bet you A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and InMotion are the best options.
  2. In terms of low price, Hostwinds, Namecheap, and Inmotion are good. There is nothing more affordable than them.  They come with basic plans in low charges.

I am confident after following these rules, you will definitely find the right one.

Searching for a satisfactory web hosting service may be daunting and difficult.

What features should I consider? All these types of answers are dependent on your requirements.

Let’s go through the basic steps here.

  1.  Figure out your website needs

What type of websites are you creating?

Is it a blog post or you need to process online payments?

Some site hosts offer tools and substructure that specialize mainly in types of websites or functionality. One that works for anyone else won’t be the right in shape for you, so make sure to locate a web host that actually meets your unique desires.

  1.  Reliability

Your website hosting provider needs to ensure your site is live on the internet always. It shouldn’t crash or go down unnecessarily.

Your web hosting issuer must also take safety features against hackers and keep your website secure on their servers. More importantly, they need to help you with any troubles you have by providing you with awesome customer support.

  1.  Site Uptime

How will people reach the site during downtime?

First and most important, you need a web host with fantastic uptime. This indicates your website is  onstantly available and never goes down.

Most websites claim 99.99% uptime. But in reality, after testing, you will come to know that every promise is not true. They just use the word “trust” for their advertisements,  not offering refunds for downtime that was out of the host’s manage. But don’t worry because every web hosting provider doesn’t do so. You can also read customer reviews.

In my list, you will find the best one.

  1.  Site Speed

What is the importance of site speed?

Web site speed is a ranking component and an even large ranking thing for mobile pages. The reason why website response is a rating issue is that it is, first and major, a signal of high-quality user experience. Quick website speed will result in better person experience, even as a gradual site speed will result in a negative user.

Do you really want to search rankings on your site and make users happy?

In order to make your customers happy, you have to choose that hosting company that has a fast response.

It means whole site success revolves around its speed especially in the early days.

Talking about Amazon which is a very popular site where people shop products. At the starting stage, it was very fast. As of now, there is lots of traffic but it is not fast enough.

the larger you get, the quicker you’ll need to be. if you’re making plans on building a high-traffic web page, you’ll need a host that can maintain crazy-rapid speeds on huge sites.

  1.  Traffic Volume

Website traffic (or the range of site visitors to your website) is crucial because the wide variety of visitors equals the wide variety of possibilities you need to add new clients.

300 visitors per month on the site is also a good impact. With good customer support, one day your website will rock with lots of traffic, and the site will be successful if you will work continually.

Is your website online is backed up each day and can you restore it within 15 minutes if something happens to it?

Every time I have a bigger website online, I look for premium hosting that takes care of all this for me. And if I’m planning on building a huge web page, I look for a host that can easily scale to millions of traffic per month. I’m satisfied to pay a top rate charge so as to assure easy improvements inside the future.

  1.  Prepare for Component Failures

Failures occur, and greater frequently than no longer, they’re unpredictable. hardware can fail because it ages. the software program can cross down because of corruption or a virus.

To keep away from downtime while failure hits, make certain to:

  • put into effect records backups
  • recognize your web hosting availability SLAs
  • Use safety management
  1.  SSL Security

SSL certificate will encrypt your internet site and consumer information, and make sure no outdoor hacker can steal it. That is especially useful if you function a website, wherein customers are required to enter sensitive facts, which include electronic mail, credit card numbers, and their domestic deal with.

right here’s what an SSL certificate does:

  • Encrypts any facts that flow among your internet site and the traffic. this means hackers can’t see what information is being exchanged among your internet site and its traffic.
  •  places up a green padlock on the site visitors’ browsers while they arrive for your internet site. This indicates them your internet site is cozy and will increase their belief that you’re a valid business. in addition, your area name will begin with an ‘https:’ rather than the ordinary ‘
  •    in case you add an SSL certificate to your internet site, Google will rank you higher on their seek engine. This makes SSL beneficial from an SEO attitude as nicely.
  1.  Price

While you don’t need to overpay on website hosting, you actually don’t need to underpay either.

Keep away from selecting a host completely on the fee.

Most simple net web hosting plans are in the $10-$20/month variety. Yes, there are less expensive options. Some of them are promotional offers that go away at renewals. Others are web hosting plans with horrible support and uptime.

My rule is that if the rate sounds too desirable to be true, it likely is.

I also don’t worry about chasing promotional offers to shop for some dollars. For every web page, I’ve ever controlled, we used our host for years on end without ever switching once we had a host, we had been glad with. Promotional offers come and pass quite quickly.

  1.  Migration Features

The capability to effortlessly and quickly migrate a current website online will prevent weeks of time.

Even a primary WordPress website online can be a real trouble to migrate. First, you need to install a new WordPress install to your new host. Then you definitely need to export the database of content out of your old web page and import it into your new one. Sooner or later you need to re-configure everything in Word Press like the subject matter, plug-in, and settings.

It is feasible to pass all this.

Some hosts will offer a 1-click on migration for popular site providers like WordPress.

If you’re switching hosts and managing the migration yourself, search for an easy migration characteristic. This is a top-notch manner to make the very last selection after you’ve narrowed it down to three very last options.

  1.  Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

Should you select to cancel your website hosting plan in the trial period, does the company provide a complete cash-returned guarantee?
What’s the hosting corporation’s refund policy after the trial duration has ended?
Are there any cancellation costs or more prices?
Those are some primary questions you should get the solutions to earlier than signing up.

It is essential to understand how your website hosting issuer handles purchaser refunds so you do not lose an excessive amount of money if matters cross wrong.

There are a few website hosting corporations that fee absurdly excessive cancellation costs when customers cancel their accounts in the course of trial periods. Our recommendation? keep away from these website hosting carriers in any respect fee! alternatively, some hosting organizations provide anytime money-lower back ensures where you could ask for a seasoned-rated refund after your trial period is over (excellent eh?)

  1.  Customer Support

In my opinion, I decide upon live chat over smartphone and net website hosting corporations with complete documentation (so I will simply examine and resolve the troubles myself).

However, that’s simply me. You might decide on email or phone guide rather.

in the end, we want someone who can throw us a life preserver immediately as soon as we press that S.O.S. button.

  1.  Environmental Friendliness

Having an eco-friendly website host is the primary challenge for some site owners.

According to technology studies, a web server on common produces more than 630 kg of CO2 (which is lots!) and consumes 1,000 kWh of electricity annually. An inexperienced web host, however, theoretically produces zero CO2. There’s indeed a huge difference between a green web host and a non-eco-friendly internet host.

if you care about the environment and wish to lessen the carbon footprint attributed to your company or yourself, pick a web host that runs on renewable energy.

  1.  Free domain and Money-back guarantees

I don’t suggest website hosting your internet site and buying your area from an identical company, however, every so often the deal is too excellent no longer to remember.

Hostwinds, GreenGeeks, and InMotion web hosting will throw in a free domain in case you sign on for a year or longer

If the web hosting with a company doesn’t work out, you want to and get your cash lower back. With a money-returned guarantee, that’s possible., it’s really worth pointing out how InMotion web hosting offers you a full three months to make up your mind, and the way A2 website hosting will provide you with a pro-rata refund, even after 12 months of a two-12 months subscription.

Our Verdict

Like I have already said, it all depends upon your hosting demands. Your site is waiting for your final decision. There are more than hundreds of web hosting providers available out there but I have done a detailed research, compared a number of hosting companies, and then selected the top 10 web hosts that will fulfill all of your needs. After reading their reviews, definitely you will find the right one for your next website.

Interestingly, all hosting companies come with their unique features. Such as, Bluehost has all those lavishing and impressive features that enable it to come in #1 ranking. Therefore, if you are passionate about high-level speed then TMD hosting is great for you.

Do you agree with the list?

These services have satisfied millions of users worldwide, Choose the one that suits your needs best and launch your amazing website right away!

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